Online education is a positive experience for most students. Take our fully-online program quiz before finalizing your decision to enroll in a fully-online course or program. 

course onlineTop 10 considerations before you take an online education course


  1. You’ll need a computer and an Internet connection. Check online education computer requirements.
  2. Necessary internet and computer skills are required.
  3. Online education courses are often accelerated and are most successful if you are motivated and can work independently.
  4. You will need to devote a sufficient number of hours each week toward your online education studies.
  5. You must be able to express yourself well in writing.
  6. Review Tuition and Fees for CC Online Degree Programs.
  7. Online education courses will likely fit better with your busy lifestyle because you can access your online education classes anytime, anywhere.
  8. You can simultaneously take on-campus and online education courses.
  9. Some courses may require you to attend class in person. Check your course description for more information.
  10. Many students who aren't comfortable participating in on-campus classes find they contribute more freely in online education classes.





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