Cambridge College students. On this page, you will find resources that will support you in safely returning to campus and with remote learning. Directly below, you will find a ZOOM support portlet, a MyCC support portlet, and an academic support portlet.

Updates about safely returning to campus:

For individual support using ZOOM, MyCC, or Google Tools contact:

For individual support with internet access, passwords, SSO, email, or ZOOM accounts, contact:

Tutoring Available Remotely via ZOOM

All of the Cambridge College tutors in writing, math, statistics, accounting are now available to meet remotely by ZOOM. In addition, our ABA and MTEL tutors continue to be available by ZOOM. Plus, we have added some tutors to help support students with technology such as basic computers, MyCC, and ZOOM.


TutorMe (24/7 Tutoring on-demand)

All Cambridge College students have access to the TutorMe platform.  This platform will allow students to access a live tutor via the internet 24/7 in 300 subject areas. 
  • To access TutorMe, click the icon above to the TutorMe page and follow the directions.
  • Here is the TutorMe flyer>>

Connecting with Success Coaches and Advisors; Raising your hand!

Use Starfish to schedule an appointment with tutors, advisors, or success coaches or to raise your hand for help. Click the icon above or click the linked documents and resources below for support:


24/7 Live Online Coursework Support Hotline

The online course support hotline is available to all students for support with MyCC.  Call a live support expert now for assistance with technological issues, to ask a question, or to receive instant solutions on topics, including email, online courses, student and teacher account access, and more!

  Wellness and Health Resources:

  • Students and faculty. Check our our Wellness and Health Resources page for new resources.





Free Grammarly Premium Account for CCG students!

CCG offers Premium account access to Grammarly, a very powerful online tool developed by the world’s leading authorities on linguistic technology. It is a resource that checks spelling and grammar as or after you type (just like Autocorrect in Microsoft Word, or autocorrect on your phone).

 Grammarly provides help in the following areas: 

  • Writing - Grammar, contextual spelling, punctuation, sentence structure
  • Custom Dictionary – Add unique words to your dictionary with just one click and Grammarly will remember them forever.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement– Grammarly helps you write with clarity by suggesting alternatives for your overused and repetitive words.
  • Writing Style – Write for the right audience. Grammarly allows you to choose from more than thirty different writing styles to keep your writing relevant.


How to Access 

  • New CCG students are sent Grammarly invites during the tail-end of the first week of class. The invite always goes to your college email address inbox (NOT your Inbox tool in Canvas!)
  • Log into your college email (which you can sign into through MyCC (Links to an external site.) by clicking "CC-Gmail (Links to an external site.)" under quicklinks)
  • Accept the invitation (see image on left) to activate your account. Please be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder, as this is a system-generated message!
  • If you previously had a Grammarly Account under your NECB Email Address, please navigate to and sign out BEFORE activating with your activation link

Getting Started

  • Go to the Apps section and determine which Grammarly Apps you would like to install, initially. You can change this at a later date if you want. (Read more about the various apps below under How does it work?.)
  • Take the quick "tour" to personalize your settings:
    • what is most of your writing  (work, school)?
    • what is your primary language?
    • what dialect do you prefer to write in (i.e. British vs American English)?
    • what level are your grammar skills?


A few tips...

  • Can't find your email invitation?
    • New students should expect to get their Grammarly email invitation after add/drop ends at the end of the first week of classes.
    • If it's your first time using Grammarly, check your spam/junk folder in your college email account first.  Still not there?  Email your Academic Advisor for assistance. You can find the list of Advisors here.
  • Downgraded from Premium to the Free version?
    • Your Premium subscription is linked to your college registration. When you are not an active college student (for example, if you take a session or two off), Grammarly will automatically downgrade your subscription to the Free Version.  Once you restart classes, you will receive another email invitation to upgrade again.  If you want to continue to use it after you graduate, you can opt to purchase premium access on your own.
  • How does it work?
  • Grammarly is a Web-Based service that offers two different overall approaches for its use.
    • First, it uses browser extensions and add-ins to add a capacity or functionality to tools like a browser (Chrome, Edge) or Microsoft Office. Once installed, Grammarly automatically checks everything you type, making it easy to spot and fix errors quickly.  There are several Grammarly Apps that you can use, depending on how you prefer to work:
      • Grammarly for Chrome (Links to an external site.) -This browser extension helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, Linkedin, and anywhere else you write on the Web (which includes Canvas!).
      • Grammarly for Microsoft Office (Links to an external site.) -If you prefer to write documents using Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint then install Grammarly's Office add-in. It also integrates with Outlook™ to help you ensure your emails are grammatically correct before you hit send.
      • Grammarly Apps (Links to an external site.) - Grammarly’s native app will be right at home on your computer's desktop (Desktop or Laptop, Mac or PC) Access your documents or start a new project with one simple click.
    • The other approach is for those of you who prefer not to install one of the above - you can use the Web-based version by going to (Links to an external site.) and then logging in to your account. From there you can upload existing documents, copy/paste writing from another source, or start a new document in the tool itself.
  • Each week Grammarly will send you an email with your performance stats, showing you the progress you made!


Want to Learn More? 



Below you will find three resources to help you get on ZOOM and manage your meeting:

  1. To learn how to use a ZOOM link to get into a meeting and manage your ZOOM. Watch the video linked here: Accessing and managing ZOOM for students video (5:40)
  2. To view a simple powerpoint on how to get into ZOOM and manage your meeting, view here: Starting a ZOOM meeting for students.
  3. To read a guide on how to get into ZOOM and manage your meeting, read here: Zoom Guide for Students.docx

Additional supporting materials:

  1. To learn about ZOOM etiquette, read this brief set of recommendations while using ZOOM
  2. To learn how to create a ZOOM host account, watch the video linked here: Setting up a ZOOM account and hosting meetings.

Below are resources that will walk you through how to complete key activities in Canvas if your instructor decides to use some or all of Canvas for classroom or remote learning. 

Navigate in Canvas 
Objectives: Course Elements; Navigate Your Course

File Upload Assignment 
Objectives: Upload Assignments. If your instructor does not use the Assignment area, check for assignments listed in the Modules area.

Objectives: Complete a Discussion Assignment; Learn Where Topics are Posted; Learn How to Reply to Another Post; View Completed Requirements 

View your Grades 
Objectives: View your Grades

View the Syllabus 
Open your course in Canvas. Click on the Syllabus box on the Home Page or the Concourse Syllabus link on the left menu.

Take an Exam or Quiz
Objectives: Taking a quiz or test

Change your Personal Information
Objectives: Navigating to Account Information; Changing Personal Information

For email issues, please email or 
Call 800-877-4723 x1159 to register a request.  

Your College email account is on Google, using your Cambridge College email as the ID. You can keep the account after you graduate.  

1. Student Login: FirstName.LastName[xx] where [xx] is the last two numbers in your ID.   

   1a. Faculty Login: 

2. The initial login password to your Cambridge College email account is 00 + your ID number. This password can be changed or reset  here. 

3. You can find more info at

4. Tutorials for CC EMAIL are found in MyCC at


MyCC Student Docs

Quickstart Guide has information about how to access your courses and the Course Organizer.

(.pdf, 72K)

Many instructors at Cambridge College use McGraw Hill Connect in conjunction with the textbook for some or all of the following: homework, assignments, exercises, quizzes, and/or exams. If you purchase the textbook as recommended, it is bundled with an access card for Connect. You are required to purchase access to Connect at an additional cost if you purchase a used hard copy textbook

(.pdf, 143K)

MyCC Tech Specs