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Summer 2024 Bills are Ready!

High priority

Dear Student,

The statement is reflective of your current student account activity as of today. To view your account, please log onto the MyCC portal- select Finances tab and click on the Course and Fee Statement. You are receiving this message because a transaction has been processed on your account.

Please note that if you are covered 100% by Direct Pay, Military Benefits, or another 3rd party payer you will still receive this message until the balance is $0.00.  You will not be placed on hold or assessed a late fee as long as we have been notified of the external payer’s intent to pay. If payment is not made by the end of the term then a hold will be placed on your account.  

For students who have a balance remaining on their account the most effective way to pay our bill is online.

Payments can be made on line with our payment partner Nelnet:

Cambridge College programs, log into

Payments must be received by Student Financial Services on or before the payment due date. Please remember to check your account online for the most up to date information regarding your balance.  If you have any questions regarding this communication, or your student account charges, please feel free to contact us at

Again, students must check their accounts regularly via MyCC if you make changes to your registration activity after receiving this communication. 

Students who show a balance will be assessed a late fee and a hold will be placed on their account.

Students will be assessed a $100 late payment fee if acceptable payment arrangements are not made by the due date.  Acceptable payment arrangements include payment in full, pending financial aid that covers the full balance, approved third-party billing (i.e. Veterans, Direct Bill, and 3rd party payments) and/or an active and current payment plan with Nelnet.  Students who register after the payment due have one week to make acceptable payment arrangements or pay in full.    

2023-2024 Billing Due Dates

Fall 2023-September 1st

Spring 2024-January 1st

Summer 2024-June 1st

Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Financial Services


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